Cross-border e-commerce retail company specializing in overseas markets.

ZX-Tech focuses on creating independent overseas brands, using high-tech methods to carry out fine product operations, integrating global high-quality supply chain resources, selecting global genuine goods, and sharing good products with customers. Our company's business involves five major contents including digital marketing, store operation, technical center customer service, and warehousing and logistics.


E-commerce Makes Business Easier




Since its establishment, ZX-Tech has formed a four-in-one benign operating model with four major business units: Amazon Operations, eBay Operations, Brand Independent Stations and Overseas Advertising Departments to improve operational efficiency and business excellence .


Amazon Operation




Brand Independent Stations




Quickly expand online retail channels by selectively cutting into new markets relying on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms


eBay Operation has played an indispensable role in the completion of overall marketing goals.


Focus on vertical website operations with deep cultivation of categories, independent research and development of ERP

Best-in-class advertising planning and delivery, with the help of Facebook and Google for autonomous advertising





1Our Philosophy
Simple, pragmatic, efficient, innovative and win-win
2Our Mission
Make cross-border e-commerce easier
3 Talent Development
Great attention is paid to every employee's interest and love. We also lay emphasis on their horizontal and vertical training.
You can relearning through relocating to other relevant or more challenging positions by job rotation and also can get promotion through daily assessment and promotion assessment.

ZX-Tech is located in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, the largest professional software park in China. As one of China's 10 software industry bases, the national software export innovation base and the national service outsourcing base city demonstration park, it's beautiful environment attracts thousands of technical talents to create a bright future for e-commerce development.