ZX-Tech has extensive experience in the global overseas e-commerce field. For overseas markets, the operation of e-commerce websites, and the integration of big data in back-end systems have formed their own unique insights. In the future, we will continue to explore more efficient operations.


One-stop software development

  • Independent software integration development
  • Use multiple software programming languages

    Comprehensive operating channels

  • With omnichannel service capabilities
  • Quality-in-one marketing services

    Forward-looking trend investment

  • Predict hot products and keep them ahead of trends
  • Build a system brand and occupy a comprehensive market




    Relying on Amazon, an international cross-border e-commerce platform,
    ZX-Tech quickly transformed from a traditional e-commerce model to an international e-commerce model, and successfully established a mature
    and experienced overseas operation team. By selectively entering new markets and expanding online retail channels, our cross-border business
    has grown rapidly. ZX-Tech has cooperated with many well-known domestic manufacturers to develop competitive products and has gradually won the recognition of new markets.



    As part of the overall strategy to promote the development of the
    cross-border e-commerce industry, ebay has played an indispensable
    role in the successful completion of the ZX-Tech's overall marketing
    goals. Zhixin drives marketing by creating boutique stores and has an independent product development department and customer service system, providing detailed and unique after-sales service to every customer worldwide.



    With the continuous improvement of the ERP system and the rapid development of intelligent AI technology,
    ZX-Tech has greatly improved the automation level of operations, communication efficiency, and inquiry
    conversion rate through various customized deep tool support and professional data training.
    Greatly improve product and service quality and customer experience.




    Realizing a business miracle from 0 to 90 million for the brand

    Upcabinet —Brand operation case

    Brand History

    China has grown into the world's largest
    e-commerce market. However, the market
    lacks a number of outstanding independent
    and independent brands.

    Challenges Faced

    B2C Haitao stores opened all over the place,
    business management became more difficult,
    lack of supply chain and brand positioning,
    integration management is difficult.


    Our Solution

    Humanity (comprehensive customer service
    system to complete communication), professional
    (test product selection, insight into user market),
    tools (professional website building platform and
    intelligent tools to respond in time).

    Final Effect

    Multi promotion to attract traffic,
    expand the scale of advertising,
    SEO enhance the search rankings.
    Highlighting the concept of the home
    brand, sales volume significantly.


    Because pursuing extreme service,


    We work tirelessly.




    Advertising Planning


    Provide first-class advertising planning services, including advertising landing page design and planning. quickly increase traffic, pinpoint fan groups, and attract potential customers.


    Creative Production


    For Facebook, Google, and internationally well-known DSP platforms, we adhere to the people-oriented plan and provide effective advertising strategies, Forming a high return on investment (ROI).


    Delivery Strategy


    We have a professional team for self-service advertising and optimization. Not only serving internal e-commerce business but also serving online alliances and direct advertisers in global verticals.


    E-commerce Promotion


    Combining Google ’s advertising automation artificial intelligence placement, social marketing functions, and automated marketing systematically solves the advertising placement problems of e-commerce operations..



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